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The Week 5 Blues Takes A New FLOW!!

by Oct 7, 2022

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As I was leaving class walking to my car contemplating my ENTIRE life: I saw the swans! They were floating majestically, tranquilly, dare I say unbothered, in the NUHS pond. The waterfall was illuminating their environment. I stopped and stared at them; I wanted to alert them of the impending doom not only of the world, but the load of exams that are barreling toward me!

Moniques Blues

That is when I realized the swans were alerting me! How are you flowing? How are you being flexible? Are you stopping to enjoy the “Blues?” It hit me: the “Blues” can be calming, beautiful and cathartic. It was late and the security stopped to make sure I was ok. I assured her that I was in fact good for the first time–before exams I was GOOD!!

FLOW is paramount in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Yet as a student around exam time, I let go of flow and become rigid. As a future acupuncturist and herbologist, I technically realize this is an unhealthy practice. In the chill of the night, Week 4 of Tri 4, I began to love the Blues and all that it encompasses. Nature once again spoke to my soul.

To all my fellow students as we are embarking on different trimesters of our journeys let us not forget to flow! Let’s not seize up and turn into study warriors and turn off everything that brings us joy, peace, and “BLUES!”

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Monique Carter

Monique Carter

My name is Monique Carter and I am a student in National University's AOM program. I chose this program because the basic tenets of Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs align with a holistic healing process that is steeped in years of tradition and research. I anticipate that learning these skills and applying this knowledge will allow me to help many in need. Starting this journey at the age of 49 has been humbling as well as life-changing, I am excited and grateful!


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