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Sigma Phi Kappa Sparks Wearable Fundraiser

by Jun 15, 2018

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Two trimesters ago, members of the Sigma Phi Kappa (SPK) fraternity pooled their creative ideas to launch a unique fundraiser.

“We were trying to decide on an ‘out of the box way’ to raise money to bring local grads back to campus to share their real-world experiences,” said Max Gatzke, SPK treasurer.

The creative spark ignited by Gatzke and fraternity brothers Tanner McGee and Rob Flannigan became a broader collaboration within the group involving NUHS faculty.

“A great idea became an awesome idea,” said Gatzke. The fraternity plans to feature a different faculty member each trimester with a custom T-shirt design. The art is created by Shirtwell company from a photo, who then renders the design onto T-shirts.

NUHS Humphreys t-shirt design

Robert Humphreys, MS, DC, professor of basic and clinical sciences was the first faculty member to be honored with a design for spring 2018 trimester; Muhammad Khan, MD, MCPS, DTCD, professor of pathology and clinical sciences is the second, and is featured for the summer 2018 trimester.

“The first fundraiser was a huge success,” Gatzke said. “So we decided to continue. We poll students about who they’d like to see for the next trimester–we’re just getting started.” Fifty shirts were sold for the first faculty T-shirt edition, with orders being taken for the current design until June 20.

NUHS Dr. Khan tshirt

Members of the NUHS community may purchase T-shirts for $10 each, sizes youth large through adult 3XL at the display in Janse Hall.

The goal of SPK is to advance the chiropractic profession among students. When no monthly speaker is scheduled, chiropractic students meet for discussion on professional topics and to practice technique.

Student organizations at National University provide a way for students to meet, form lifelong friendships, and explore their interests. In addition to group activities, many student organizations promote special events, lectures and activities for the entire NUHS community.

Students at both the Illinois and Florida campuses are welcome to join university-wide student organizations. For more information on  student clubs and organizations, call the Office of Student Services at 630-889-6542 or email [email protected].

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