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Professional sports chiropractor shares tips with students

by Feb 26, 2018

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Stuart Yoss, DC, CCSP, ART, the official team chiropractor for the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, met with students earlier this month to discuss how he was able to break into the world of professional sports.

Stuart Yoss, DC, CCSP, ART, the official team chiropractor for the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks speaking to studentsDr. Yoss credits much of his success to persistence and his willingness to volunteer his time. “You have to create your own story, figure out what you want to do and go in that direction,” he said.

After graduating with his doctor of chiropractic and moving to Chicago to open a private practice, he started treating gymnasts and other athletes at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He also volunteered his time to work with an arena football team created by Walter Payton before he passed away.

With this experience, Dr. Yoss cold called the Chicago Bears athletic trainer. He discussed his specialized training in Active Release Technique (ART) and how he could add to their team of physicians. Eventually, it was his growing relationships with players that cemented his position as the official team chiropractor.

“Working in professional sports is about being part of a team, it’s about open communication and finding out where you fit in the hierarchy,” Dr. Yoss said. After working with the Bears, Dr. Yoss quickly started getting referrals to work with other professional athletes including Derrick Rose, who was the reigning National Basketball Association’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), and Mark Buehrle with the Chicago White Sox.

Dr. Yoss stressed the importance of working integratively with other physicians such as the team’s medical doctor, internists, orthopedists, and educating them about chiropractic medicine. “You can’t be afraid to have conversations and learn from other doctors,” he said.

In addition to working with sports teams, Dr. Yoss’ main focus has been growing his private practice, Bannockburn Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center, north of Chicago in Bannockburn and Northbrook, where he works with NUHS alumni Brian Allen, DC, CSCS, ART, and Laura Kaeske Nieder, DC.

“My work with sports teams has paid for itself multiple times over,” he said. “It has helped market my practice and build credibility among my patients.”

The speaker session, organized by the NUHS Sports Rehab Club, is one of many on-campus events that allow students to explore various specialties within their field directly from leading experts. For more university events, visit the NUHS website.

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