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Procrastination Perfection

by Sep 29, 2017

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Although classes are done, studying has hardly eased up. Over the next month and a half, my cohort and I will be taking 4 different licensure board exams. The third weekend of October, we’ll have the distinct pleasure of taking parts 2, 3, and PT on Saturday and Sunday. Study material? Just everything we’ve ever learned, just with less emphasis on the basic sciences (those were covered in part 1). How do I manage my excitement, you ask? It’s easy, I try not to think about it. So, how does one tackle the daunting task of brushing up on all the material? Let’s just say became a “prodigious procrastinator” over the past few years of school. This is a strategy that is often frowned upon, but hear me out.


A paella cook-off is a wonderful way to procrastinate

When one procrastinates effectively, the task that is being ignored is not even in the conscious mind. As a result, stress levels are low for most of the time leading up to the exam. Then, when the exam is right around the corner, you study with the powerful aid of the acute stress response, which as studies show, is beneficial for hippocampal function. Conversely, chronic stress is a culprit in the pathogenesis of many diseases and is well known to induce hippocampal atrophy. So, before you plan ahead and study “responsibly” think of the damage you’re inflicting on your brain. There is one caveat to this brilliant brand of academic lifestyle – manual skills.


Aaaaand…more paella

Part IV board – the most feared board exam amongst DCs is taking place just three weeks after the October round of government-sanctioned torture. Luckily, my Salvation Army crew and I practiced a little bit of planning and rented a house on Airbnb. Did I forget to mention? The Exam is proctored in Davenport, Iowa, so at least there’s a road trip component. Wish us luck as we procrastinate to the point of studying!

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