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Prenatal and Postpartum Health: Continuing Education Series

by Mar 23, 2016

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National University is offering continuing education courses in women’s prenatal and postpartum health for both chiropractic and naturopathic physicians. The series starts this April 2 – 3 with “Prenatal Through Baby Nutrition 1.5 Years.”

Instructors Dr. Gina Sirchio and Dr. Kim Bruno (also known as “The Baby Food Doctor”) are both graduates of National father holding pregnant mothers bellyUniversity, and co-authors of The Nourish Series. Their first course will give a full range of information regarding infant nutritional needs, along with current research and discussion about the ever-evolving issue of childhood allergies.

Dr. Sirchio advises: “Too often pregnancy and correlating topics such as prenatal nutrition are seen as belonging to a ‘special population.’ Yet these issues are all part of the normal physiology of a woman. These topics need to be as familiar to our doctors as a hot disc or an ankle sprain.”

A certified clinical nutritionist (CCN) with ten years of private practice experience, Dr. Sirchio has taught nutrition courses at Northwestern Hospital, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and through multiple childbirth classes at various facilities in the Chicago metro area. She is also the Chicago-based affiliate of Birthfit, and has personal expertise from being mother to four children.

Future courses in this series will include topics such as healthy fertility and conception; manual treatment of pregnant patients; postpartum pelvic floor evaluation and rehab; classifying pain as it relates to pregnancy, postpartum and infertility; and advanced nutritional issues helping postpartum mothers return to full fitness and elite athletics.

feeding a baby“We developed classes in our series to build on our base professional education. We then built a team of experts who have agreed to come together to offer this unique educational series,” says Dr. Sirchio.

“We are proud to offer this unique and in-depth exploration of key women’s health issues,” says Dr. Jenna Glenn, dean of National University’s postgraduate and continuing education program. “It’s part of our new infusion of exciting topics for a wide range of health professions. We’re committed to delivering the best continuing education in our field, both on-campus and online.”

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