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Pinellas Park Clinic features new local art exhibits

by Jan 19, 2017

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Visitors at the NUHS clinic in Pinellas Park, Florida, will now be able to enjoy a rotating exhibit featuring local artists.

local art exhibit at Pinellas Park ClinicFlorida NUHS clinic receptionist Brandy McCowan, who is an artist herself, along with Florida-site Coordinator Pam Jones and Daniel Strauss, DC, dean of the College of Professional Studies, Florida, helped create a new opportunity for local art organizations and schools to display their work on newly installed gallery rails in the clinic. Organized by Ms. McCowan, this new initiative will brighten up the walls and help support local artists.

“In addition to being a visual treat for clinic visitors, it also exposes clinic interns to the world of art and creativity,” Ms. Jones said. “Pinellas Park Art Society brought us their best. The exhibit features artists well known in the area.”

The current exhibition will be on display for 90 days and is available for public viewing while the clinic is open. During this time, the artwork can also be purchased. Currently there are over 20 pieces of original artwork for visitors and clinic staff to view.

“We look forward to the artwork rotating and to working with more local artists in the future,” said Ms.McCowan.local art exhibit on wall

The NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard, Illinois, also has a gallery that features local artists. The Lombard Arts Coalition has curated the gallery since 2005, providing a similar partnership where artists are able to show their work, while the university and Lombard area community benefit from free access to the gallery.

Since the Pinellas Park Clinic was newly constructed in 2012, there are plenty of areas to hang additional artwork. Ms. McCowan expects to expand gallery rails to those areas in the near future.

“It is wonderful to be able to support local artists and decorate the clinic at the same time,” Ms. McCowan said.

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