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Phase Three Begins: First Week as an Intern

by May 18, 2017

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After all the basic science classes from biochemistry, anatomy, and microbiology, to the clinical sciences classes like advanced diagnosis, neurological systems, and clinical nutrition, I am now officially a student intern at the National University of Health Sciences. It really is an amazing feeling. I am so close to becoming a chiropractic physician I can almost taste it.

I am in 8th trimester, which means I am splitting time between clinic and classes. I will have clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. All three days start bright and early at 8am but end at different times. Monday is 8am to 4pm, Wednesday is 8am to 3pm, and Friday is 8am to 2pm. I will finally be able to utilize everything I have learned.


After beginning with 16 people in my cohort, my friend Kelsey and I are the only two left on fast track from our original group. Many slowed down from our group and students from the trimesters ahead of us slowed down and joined us. Kelsey and I will be graduating together in April 2018 with four other students who started in the trimester before us.

The school split the six of us into two groups of three. Kelsey, Brandon, and I are in the Whole Health Center at the Caruth Health Education Center. We are with Dr. W. Scott Harrison, a National graduate with 30 years of experience. The other three interns are at the Pinellas Park Clinic. They provide acupuncture at the Pinellas Park Clinic, so it worked out that the three students who took the acupuncture course, ended up in the clinic that provides that service. I did not take acupuncture, so I didn’t mind which clinic I ended up going to.

If I had the choice, I would have chosen the Caruth clinic. I am with the more experienced clinician and I am with two of my closest friends from the program. After clinic orientation, I was ecstatic to get started. We took a tour of the clinic and went over the standard procedures within the clinic. National University of Health Sciences utilizes electronic medical records and we spent most of the first day becoming acquainted with the system. After the tour, we posed for a picture to commemorate our first day. We are very excited to get started.


In addition to the three days of clinic, I have two days of classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I am taking the following 11 classes:

  • Ethical Management of Chiropractic Practice
  • Risk Management and Legal Issues
  • Clinical Natural Medicine
  • Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Dermatology
  • Evidence-Based Practice IV
  • Sports Medicine
  • Advanced Technique II
  • Comparative Technique and Listings Systems
  • Radiology Management and Report Writing
  • Radiographic Positioning

Though I have started clinic, I am still taking classes so I need to study in my off time as well as review for the boards. I will be taking Parts II, III, and PT in the near future and need to stay sharp to pass.

Thank you for reading my blog! Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Christopher Kotwicki

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