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International Leader

International Leader

Kazuyoshi Takeyachi, DC

A National University education is a Takeyachi tradition with four family members as alumni. All the Takeyachi doctors are honored leaders in Japanese chiropractic practice, teaching and research. “We in the Takeyachi family are proud of our accomplishments in Japan, but none would have been possible without the support of our alma mater.”

Shachar Kenin, DC

“I firmly believe that National gave me the best evidence-based education. I think National has the best anatomy education and the best clinical and diagnostic curriculum in the world. They took no short cuts, even if many students thought it was too hard.”

Jean-Robert Corboz, DC

Since graduating from National University, Dr. Corboz has enjoyed a successful chiropractic practice in his home town of Annecy, France. He has served as a leader in several French chiropractic organizations, and has played a powerful role in expanding the understanding and acceptance of the chiropractic profession in France.