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NUHS unveils new upgrades at Janse Hall

by Mar 13, 2023

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National University of Health Sciences continues to make new upgrades and renovations to improve facilities across the Illinois campus.  

(Left to right) NUHS President Joseph Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC, goes over building plans with student Africa Gaddis and Mark Galvanoni, NUHS Director of Facilities and Security.

The latest project in Janse Hall is nearing completion. In early 2023, NUHS will unveil a new modern and decorative ceiling in the main hallway that will match the existing cherry wood wall panels. This update includes LED lights that offer more consistent and energy efficient lighting.  

The new ceiling is just the tip of the iceberg. According to Mark Galvanoni, NUHS Director of Facilities and Security, the largest undertaking was installing a new sprinkler system, which helped pave the way for the new ceiling along with any other updates needed in Janse Hall into the future. Earlier last year, adjustment classrooms on the lower level of Janse Hall also received upgrades such as new flooring, ceiling panels, paint, and reupholstered adjustment tables.  

“Overall, these upgrades really help to freshen up the building and make the school more presentable to students and visitors,” Galvanoni said.  

The updates are part of a series of renovations in Janse Hall in recent years, including a revamped Admissions Office, bathrooms and new paint in university colors.  

Janse Hall was the first building built on the Lombard campus in 1963. Back then, it housed three lecture halls, a gross anatomy laboratory, five additional labs, a library, and a public clinic. The university has since expanded to nine buildings over 32 acres. 

Whole Health Center to expand treatment rooms  

More renovations are on the horizon, including expanding the treatment rooms at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard. Starting in the spring trimester, the facilities department will combine three treatment rooms to create two expanded treatment areas and add new cabinetry.  

Chiropractic and naturopathic medicine students will have the chance to test the room for functionality and provide feedback before more treatment rooms are updated. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment rooms will be reconfigured next.  

NUHS Chief Clinicians in chiropractic medicine, Frank Frydrych, Jr., DC, naturopathic medicine, Jennifer Green, ND, DC, and acupuncture, Hyundo Kim, L.Ac. PhD., along with Theodore Johnson, Jr., DC, DABCI, Dean of Clinics, have all been involved in voicing what students have asked for. Once students have tried out the rooms, they will distribute surveys. 

“When it comes to students learning and how they succeed, we definitely want students to be involved with the renovation process,” Galvanoni said. 

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