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NUHS Interns Provide Support for Athletes at Disney World Marathon

by Jan 29, 2014

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Athletes from around the world participated in the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday, January 12, 2014.  A large audience was on hand to cheer almost 20,000 participants across the finish line.

nuhs interns espn worldwide of sports complexDuring the days prior to the marathon, pre-race events at Walt Disney World showcased vendors from around the globe.  KT Tape, a brand of athletic tape, was one of the busier booths, and one of the more popular products presented at the expo.

The NUHS Sports Council, along with Dr. Carlo Guadagno and NUHS DC interns, volunteered at the KT Tape booth on Saturday providing kinesiology taping to the athletes.  Among the volunteers were interns Whitney Leach, Drew Hunt, Nick Caputo, Mark Mazzuchelli, Jordan Vanderveen, Alex Morgan, Alex Ison, and Jake LaVere.

Throughout the day on Saturday, people were willing to wait an hour and a half to visit the KT Tape booth.  The interns taped a total of 500 athletes with injuries such as from plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, bone and heel spurs, shin splints, patellar tendonitis, Baker’s cyst, as well as muscle strains and sprains.

Dr. Guadagno and NUHS extend special thanks to KT Tape for the invitation to volunteer, as well as to 7th trimester students Alid Perez and Ricky King for helping with traffic at the booth.  The event provided a great experience for NUHS DC interns to practice their clinical skills in sports medicine.

nuhs interns providing support at disney world marathon

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