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NUHS honors 62 students in April Commencement Ceremony

by Apr 23, 2018

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National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) celebrated the hard work and accomplishments of 62 graduating students in various professional and undergraduate programs during its April 20 commencement ceremony. Graduates from the Illinois and Florida campuses both received their diplomas at the event.

Dr. Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams, MD, served as the commencement speaker. Spring commencement 2018 marked Dr. Adams’ first return to campus since 1999, when he was present at NUHS to deliver the keynote commencement address and receive an honorary doctorate.

Dr. Hunter Doherty

He shared memories of his family growing up and his own disillusioning experiences as a medical student. Dr. Adams said he soon realized he needed to have a career that allowed men as well as women to show love and care in their practice of medicine.

His unique and heartfelt message to graduates was to remember that medicine is an art and that they are lifelong learners; that love and humor are two of the most powerful forces in our lives; to be present in the moment, and that care is not a burden – it is a thrill. “If you care, you will be rich for the humor you bring, and for the experience of changing lives.”

His concluding words of insight: “Go out into the world and love everybody for your own pleasure.”

NUHS students hugging at commencement

Included in the ceremony were remarks from class valedictorians Roula Johnson, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program; Kelsey Jackson, Doctor of Chiropractic program, and Alex Orton, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program. Valedictorians Ayham Dahshan, Bachelor of Science program and Candace Gardner, Master of Science in Acupuncture program were recognized for their scholarship.

Valedictorian Ayham Dahshan

In the ceremony’s closing remarks, NUHS President Joseph Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC, echoed the words of Dr. Adams, encouraging students to continue to pursue the joys of lifelong learning. He also took a moment to remember Dr. Daniel Richardson, beloved member of the NUHS community and faculty member for more than 25 years, who passed away earlier in 2018. Dr. Stiefel reminded graduates of the excellent role model and professional example students (including himself) had in Dr. Richardson: to not only be present in each moment, but to “be there” for fellow students, professional colleagues and future patients.

Dr. Stiefel, Dr. Hunter Doherty

NUHS congratulates the spring 2018 graduating class in the following programs:

College of Professional Studies Doctor of Chiropractic

Brandon Alexander
Colton Anderson
Jonathan Aring
Adrian Bachman
Adam Bezanis
Patrick Caulfield
Eva Dec
Erin Hall
Kelsey Jackson
Anthony Kelley
Chelsea Klein
Christopher Kotwicki
Kelsie Lazzell
Robert Lutz
Vitaliy Meyster
Vinay Panchal


Samuel Pare
Jessie Potter
Catherine Reczek
Krista Ribando
Philip Runge, Jr.
Kevin Shimer
Gregory Swets
Alexadra Thielen
Elisabeth Toth
Michael Ward
Chrisenia White
Jennifer Wilhelmi
Catherine Wonders
Ashley Woyak
Fan Yang
Kimberley Tapia

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Lorinda Bricker
Sasha Dahshan
Kierstin DeWitt
Sarah Ghekiere
Syed Raheel Harque
Christopher Hartman
Jill Jennings
Jawad Majeed
Katie Niebur
Alex Orton
Kolby Ourada
Patricia Reyes
Mariah Wilson

Master of Science in Acupuncture

Linda Clarke
Candace Gardner
Cassandra Runge
Jacob Suh

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Katheryn Griffin
Roula Johnson
Jonathan Kalin

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Dani Ammons
Yasmin Bustami
Ayham Dahshan
Autumn Jones
Darcy Ojeda
Douglas Raidt
Erika Seibert
Hashim Zaidi
Lian Fonacier
Shawna Singrin

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