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NUHS Celebrates 75 New Graduates

by Aug 20, 2018

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Faculty, staff, families and friends came together at National University Friday, August 17, to celebrate the graduates of eight academic programs.

During the commencement address, Robert Shiel, PhD, dean of the College of Professional Studies-Illinois, reminded graduates of important life pursuits. First, that it is good to want things, because every achievement in life requires a sense of responsibility, ownership, and accomplishment. Second, that in life’s journey, there are no fast or simple answers. Along the way real success will depend on how well we are able to live in the moment. At the end of December 2018, Dr. Shiel will retire after 38 years of service to National University.

Dr. Robert Shiel speaks at NUHS commencement

Dr. Robert Shiel

Valedictorians from each academic program delivered words of encouragement to their classmates. Bachelor of Science program valedictorian, Angela DePalma, reminded fellow graduates to be grateful and carry the knowledge they had acquired with them into further education and the workforce. Nooshig Luz Salvador, oriental medicine valedictorian, declared that it is an honor to be an NUHS alumnus, and to integrate Western and Eastern medical philosophies, and spirituality into their lives and future medical practices. “Let success make you humble,” she said, “Do good; preserve.”

Chiropractic medicine valedictorian, Dr. Krista Catherine Mancini, urged graduates to “cultivate the mission that unites us,” reminding all of the importance of professional collaboration and peer acceptance, and Dr. Jessica Lodal, naturopathic medicine valedictorian, asked her classmates to remain mindful of three things: (a sense of) appreciation, life-long learning, and collaboration.

In the ceremony’s closing remarks, president Joseph Stiefel charged the Class of August 2018 to “find the people who bring out the best in you–and keep them close.”

On behalf of National University of Health Sciences, congratulations to the summer class of 2018!

NUHS class of 2018 at commencement

Class of 2018

Graduates of the Massage Therapy Certification Program

Joshua Bamibe
Aleksandra Cieżek
Anjelica Hayden
David Luyando, Jr.
Dylan Waleski
Janelle Walker

Graduates of the Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy Program

Emma K. Bily
Steven Lovecky
Haley Ray

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science Program

Angela DePalma
Claudie Aaron Gullett
Kelsey K. Mulkins
Riley Mullins
Daniel Neikens
Bryancis Perdomo
Anita Van Zyl
Patric Weber

Graduate of the Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging Program

Brandon M. German

Graduates of the Master of Science in Acupuncture Program

Brittni Cahill
Kierstin Inez DeWitt
Alexander Maxeiner
Kristal Michelle Richardson
Susan M. Ryan
Tina Vucaj

Graduates of the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Program

Alexander Duarte
Iuliana Lixandru
Nooshig Luz Salvador
Feriba Samadzada
Crystalyn Gembala Sehr
Douglas Valdez

Graduates of the Chiropractic Medicine Program

Ryan Abrahamson
Joseph Ryan Barron
Andrew Boyce
Fabian Calixto Berjarano
Devyn Christian
Travis Robert Cutting
Jordan Davis
Jane Drobin
Margaret Fay Florendo
Blair Joseph Globerman
Michael P. Keller II
Asad Khan
David Jon Lewandowski
Jeffrey Longfellow
Krista Cathering Mancini
Melissa Rae Manilla
Rachael Mattocks
Adam Louis Mohr
Myles Nagel
Mario A. Napolitano
Nathan Noblet
Rita Oisha
Andrew Pichurko
Ivan E. Rayner III
Debra Jane Roche
Stacy Ruhland
Emily Samons
Nicholas Santos
Theresa Marlene Tetreault
Hanna Marie Wroblewski
Khaled Zaki

Graduates of the Naturopathic Medicine Program

Mazan Atassi
Gi Ming Chan
Cresencia Felty
Le-Anne Marie Elizabeth Francois-Dornbush
Diana E. Gallo
Guadalupe Garcia
Kareem Kandil
Jessica L. Lodal
Sheila Rose McCusker
Jo Nell Marie Shaw
Ramona Lea Shires
Denise M. Shostek
Mary Frances Simon
Joseph B. Stechschulte

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