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NUHS Brings It On at Chirogames

by Nov 9, 2015

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Chiropractic students from both National University’s Illinois and Florida campus sites competed at the interscholastic 2015 Chiropractic Games (ChiroGames) in Cocoa Beach, Florida the weekend of Oct. 1st.

chirogames competition on beach chirogrames team

The annual games welcome teams from all chiropractic schools who compete in a variety of athletic events. Students enjoy not only the chance to win medals on behalf of their school, but also the spirit of camaraderie and the opportunity to forge lifetime friendships.

Students from National University shined bright, bringing home a wealth of medals and commendable wins:

  • NUHS runners Mike Ptack, Emery Pitcel, Jen Scherbauer, Chris Kotwicki, and Lindsey Wienckowski won the team 5K
  • Mike Ptack won the individual gold medal in the 5K
  • Emery Pitcel won the bronze medal for men in the 5K
  • Jen Scherbauer won the silver medal for women in the 5K.
  • NUHS also won the team 10K relay race and the cumulative running gold medal
  • The NUHS table tennis team took home 4th place
  • Kati Kerperien was undefeated in the women’s singles table tennis event(no medals for this event)
  • Strong efforts by the beach volleyball team, soccer teams and basketball team made our university proud

chirogames nuhs florida

Faculty member Dr. Sue Darby accompanied the students on the trip and at the games.  She reports: “I think the students represented NUHS well through their performance, their effort, their competitiveness and their good sportsmanship. They showed up ready to compete both physically and mentally at every event. I was proud to be part of the team!”

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