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New ND Sports Medicine Club on Campus

by Feb 18, 2016

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National University welcomes a new ND Sports Medicine Club on its Illinois campus. The group’s first meeting is Friday, February 19th at noon in Janse Hall, Room 140. In addition to introducing the club to interested students, the first meeting will feature Dr. Patricia Coe speaking on the topic of providing medical support for charity events.

shoulder pain“Our plan for the year is to bring in other speakers, as well as student presentations, to lay a foundation in naturopathic sports medicine,” says Kaley Burns, the club’s president and founder. “We hope to cover topics such as Kinesiotaping, Cross-Fit gyms, nutrition, and the problems of undertraining and overtraining. We also hope to coordinate volunteer work projects at charity events to promote naturopathic medicine in general.”

“Several other naturopathic medicine schools with ND Sports Medicine Clubs reached out to us to encourage our starting one at NUHS,” says Kaley. “We are trying to form a national organization with the goal of fostering communication between students from all ND schools on the topic of sports medicine.”

Kaley, who is a ninth trimester ND student, says: “I love sports medicine. While it’s easy on an integrative campus to tend toward leaving sports medicine to the chiropractic students, it’s important to know that as future NDs, we have a role too.  There are many things we can do for musculoskeletal complaints and sports related injuries.”

Kaley Burns is also a certified endurance coach, who completed the Big Sur Marathon last year. She is joined by club Vice President Dustin DebRoy and Treasurer Guadalupe Garcia. For more information on the ND Sports Medicine Club, contact [email protected]

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