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New Homeopathy Club Welcomes Students from All Programs

by Apr 10, 2014

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A new club on National University’s Illinois campus allows students to dig deeper into the field of homeopathic medicine.

“Our personal experience with the benefits of homeopathy, along with the classroom experience, inspired us to brainstorm on how we could further develop our skills as professionals,” say club co-founders Miranda LaBant and Kaley Burns. “We decided that starting a Homeopathy Club at National would be the best way to reach both students and faculty.”nuhs new homeopathy club

The purpose of the NUHS Homeopathy Club is to:

  • Explore the origins of homeopathic medicine
  • Discover its place in integrative and naturopathic medicine
  • Build a supportive homeopathic community on issues of common interest among members
  • Inform members about homeopathic organizations, such as: The Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, The American Institute of Homeopathy, and the Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association

During the club’s first trimester, a roster of guest speakers will cover a myriad of topics ranging from first aid to musculoskeletal remedies. “Additionally we will address how to integrate homeopathy into an individual practice and feature a presentation on mental-emotional remedies – including public speaking anxiety,” say LaBant and Burns.

All students and faculty from both graduate and undergraduate programs are invited to join the club. “We want to incorporate a broad range of topics in order to illustrate the widespread use of homeopathy in all health science professions.”

The Homeopathy Club meets every Wednesday at noon. Meetings are held in Janse 220A. “This trimester is largely focused on raising awareness about homeopathy and the club. We are hosting fundraisers, and will be participating in a community service project,” say co-presidents LaBant and Burns.

The Homeopathy Club is one of many student organizations on campus at NUHS that allow students to explore special interests and develop their skills as future health care

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