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National University Celebrates 63 New Graduates

by Aug 19, 2016

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A full house greeted National University graduates during commencement ceremonies on Friday, August 19th, 2016.  There were a total of 63 graduates from 7 of the university’s degree programs.

The commencement speaker was Ezra Cohen, DC, CMT, CHT, the assistant dean of chiropractic medicine for National University, who has served on its faculty for over 27 years and will be retiring at the end of the winter trimester.

2016 graduates at commencement
Dr. Ezra Cohen was the commencement speaker for the August 2016 ceremony.

Dr. Cohen spoke of bringing your best to participation in the community with the skills that you have. He encouraged participation in professional organizations, advising graduates that if their voice is not counted, they risk being relegated as a modality and will lose ground.

2016 graduates at commencement
 President Stiefel speaks to the audience.

In addition to valedictorian speakers, the audience heard closing remarks from President Joseph Stiefel. Dr. Stiefel made an analogy to friends and families of graduates being much like spectators at the Olympics. It is difficult as a spectator to know how hard it can be to graduate from medical school, just like it is hard to understand the preparation to excel or even participate in an Olympic event. Yet graduates themselves can be truly proud of the grueling effort and how it has and will pay off.

The ceremony marked the second combined graduation for both the College of Allied Health Sciences and the College of Professional Studies.

2016 graduates at commencement
Kaley Mackenzie Burns (ND ’16) was the recipienct of the Joseph Janse Award

Below are the August 2016 NUHS graduates listed by program:

College of Professional Studies

Doctor of Chiropractic

Ryan Bakosh
Matthew Budavich
Jacqueline Cahill
Mateusz Cichowicz
Carie Cutting
Dustin DebRoy
Richard Emberley
Teegan Fiedler
Dustin Houser
Mary Ellen Kowalsky
Daniel MacDougall
Janelle Mackowiak – salutatorian
Monisha Mallik
Hannah Martin
Nathanial McKee
Andrew Phelan
Terrill Phelps
Brandon Polaskey
Elliot Quast
Ravi Rai 

Austin Shaw
Casey Strojny
Mustafa Syed
David Teasel
Amanda Thiry
Frank Watson
Ryan Wible

Doctor Naturopathic Medicine

Katherine Alsop
Bonnie Brock
Kaley Burns – valedictorian
Juanita Cox
Carrie Dennie
Carissa Halas
Erin Hall
Neha Jayaram
Kristen LePage
Erica Mason
Shama Patel – salutatorian
Patricia Pearce
Ana Ramos
Brandon Rogers
Stephen Smitherman
Allison Wills

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Brittney Epps
Bi Lin Feng – valedictorian
Robert Fischer
Linda Oster – salutatorian

Master of Science in Acupuncture

Kristen LePage – valedictorian

Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging

Brett Pearson

2016 graduates at commencement
Supporting graduating classmates.

College of Allied Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

Deborah Jablonski
Matthew Johnson
Harmony Kuban
Barbara Mikrut
John Paun

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy

Emily Mayer – valedictorian
Michael Toniolo – valedictorian

Massage Therapy Certification

Mathew Dalton
Alexis Dunk
Lauara Hexom
Jennifer Kroll
Rebecca Oddo
Nicolette Radosza
Alexis Waul

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