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My Friend’s Wedding and Boards

by Oct 31, 2017

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This past weekend, I attended my friend’s wedding and took two board exams. When I first arrived at NUHS I became friends with some of the students in the upper trimesters who ended up becoming my closest friends in Florida. We have had a lot of good times together in school, at the beach, at the breweries, and in our apartments. We talked about school, boards, licensure, why we were at NUHS, and what we wanted to do when we graduated. Our friendships grew stronger and we made many memories throughout these last few years.


Now one of my friends from NUHS is practicing in Tampa, still lives in the area, and was getting married on Saturday. It was a great ceremony and a lot of fun. Our friends who already graduated and moved away to practice were back in town for the wedding so it was great to see them as well. In a wedding that consisted mostly of family, I was humbled to be invited. I have become such close friends with the people I attend school with. I don’t think my situation is unique either. We are such a close-knit group at NUHS I think I will be friends with the people I met here for a very long time to come.

I, unfortunately, had to leave the wedding a little early as my Part III and Physical Therapy board exams were the next morning. I got home around 9pm and went straight to bed as the exams were the next morning and registration started at 7:15am. I arrived at 7:10am and was early for the registration, but that gave me time to relax, have a snack, and go over some notes if I suddenly forgot something I felt was important (which I took advantage of) I also had a little time to juggle a soccer ball in the parking lot to get the blood pumping and the neurons firing.

I chose to split up Part II from Part III and PT because I didn’t want to take them all in one weekend. I probably could have done it all together like some of my colleagues, but I did what I felt would give me the best chance at success and give me the least amount of stress.

Though I cannot discuss the exams in detail, I can say I felt very well prepared from the classes at NUHS alone! These exams are required for licensure and I knew a few students from other schools who had their DC degree but hadn’t passed the boards and therefore couldn’t obtain licensure and couldn’t practice.

If I pass all my board exams first try, I will obtain my license as soon as I graduate, which is my plan. I honestly felt very confident coming out of the boards, and I will be able to tell if I did well or not once the scores come out in about a month. Until then I will keep my fingers crossed but with the in-depth classes at NUHS I don’t think I have much to worry about but I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading my blog if you have any questions please email me at [email protected].

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Christopher Kotwicki

My name is Christopher Kotwicki and I am a future Doctor of Chiropractic! I am also a self-proclaimed beach bum, animal lover, fitness junkie, and sports fanatic.


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