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Lu Rong

by Jul 22, 2022

On one of my nature walks I saw a female deer with her fawns; they were super cute! I took a moment and watched as they played around with each other for a bit. My second thought was I wonder if I could find any Lu Rong on the ground. Lu Rong, also known as Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum, or deer antler velvet, are classified as yang tonifying herbs. Lu Rong enters the liver and kidney channels, its taste is classified as sweet and salty, and its temperature warm. The most common pattern this herb is used for is Kidney Yang deficiency. Indications would be impotence, nocturnal emissions, tinnitus, sore and weak low back and knees, dizziness, or clear copious urination.

Danielle P

Another common therapeutic action, in addition to warming Yang, is tonifying blood and regulating the Ren & Chong channels. The Ren and Chong channels are mostly tied to one’s reproductive organs, but they also have the ability to revitalize the blood and are connected to channels all over the body. Indications would be infertility, uterine bleeding, severe anemia, a cold womb, and chronic ulcerations or sores. There are multiple preparations of this herb, powdered, gelatin, soaked in alcohol, ossified, and they each have a slightly varied function.

Generally, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas are composed of multiple herbs used in concert with each other, in order to maximize their synergy. However, Lu Rong is one that can be taken alone in certain situations. If you are interested in adding more TCM herbs into your life, schedule an appointment on the acupuncture side at the Whole Health Center, we would love to discuss it more with you!

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Danielle Pureifory

Danielle Pureifory

My name is Danielle, and I am currently in my last trimester in the MSOM program here at NUHS – Illinois. I’m a travel addict, animal lover, and a hobby farmer who is passionate about helping the under-resourced community. I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and I hope you read something that inspires you to start your own journey.


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