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Lost in Time and Space

by Jun 29, 2018

Time has lost its notion for me and I keep asking myself what day of the week is itMy “To Do” list seems to get longer instead of shorter, but I am still happy to cross things off it. I am done with outreach hours thanks to the wonderful Pride Parade in Aurora, audits, patient visits number and half of my papers. My exit exam is happening this week, and I can’t wait to be done with it, so I can have a more peaceful weekend–plus a free day on July 4th!

I got my financial package info in the mail, but to be honest I haven’t opened it yet. I don’t like the idea of working at the same time on a million things and I’m trying as much as possible to finish one thing at a time depending on deadlines and importance.

Even with such a busy schedule and almost no free time on my hands, my energy level has been steady and very good, and I really have no complaints. I might feel overwhelmed or tired at the end of a day with two clinic shifts and two herbal classes, but who cannot say they don’t feel tired by 9-10 pm after working and studying for 14 hours?

And, on a side note, did you know that for the last six months I only had one acupuncture treatment in the clinic? Yep! Here’s the future acupuncturist confessing to not liking too much stabbing. No, it’s not a joke, I still don’t like deep needling and I miss enjoying Japanese acupuncture sessions. Hopefully, after graduation, my schedule will allow me more time to take care of myself, too.


Still, even without time for acupuncture, my energy level has been so good that Saturday after my last clinic shift I stopped by the French Market in Wheaton, did some shopping, and cooked up a storm in the kitchen–even my dog enjoyed it!

June 24th was International Romanian Blouse Day. Plus, this past Thursday, the 28th, for Diversity Week, we were encouraged to promote our original culture and countries through food and clothing, so I found myself taking a cultural trip through my Romanian blouses and trying to choose the best one. Impossible to choose, because I love all of them, but here’s one that I wore on Sunday for an evening spent in downtown Chicago.

FINAL Blouse

As I’m writing this post, I just realized that by the time you’ll read it, I will be ending another week, moving past half of this trimester and getting ready for midterms.

If you have already started them I wish you good luck, and I will see you again in week 10! Until then, you can always find me at [email protected].

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