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Leaving the Academic Nest

by Apr 13, 2017

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It’s the end of the trimester. The closing of this one signifies the opening of a new educational experience – clinic. I know I should be psyched about this milestone; I should be ecstatic to put years of work into practice; and I am, but I have mixed feelings. I’m excited for life outside of academia, but a little apprehensive of life outside the cocoon of classes, of routine and schedule. Life is determined for you within the strictures of schooling. Your day is laid out; life, for almost 4 years, is laid out. All you need to do is keep up. It’s this aspect of life in school, and the Marine Corps for that matter, that I’ve hated the most – the inability to be master and commander of my daily life – but this is a two-edged sword. 


After all, it’s pretty handy to have some entity, other than yourself, to blame for the unfortunate parts of your life. When so much of your schedule is laid out for you, it provides quite the scapegoat. Life after school, or the military, may have more degrees of freedom, but exponentially more responsibility. That reality can be intimidating, but it’s so uplifting, too! The risk is higher, to be sure, but so is the potential gain. Leaving the nest of academia means the opportunity to actualize your potential, your calling. 

So, my feelings may be mixed. I may feel a tad apprehensive. Overall, though, I’m filled with positivity for what life may hold. I’m excited to test and build my craft, to discover and build on my own treatment protocols. I’m anxious to get started with the creation of my vision. The days spent in the safe haven of the classroom may be over, but life is just beginning.

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