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Just smile

by Oct 5, 2018

Have you ever wondered why a person smiles? For me it comes from the heart, and I believe a smile can help not only you, but others as well. Someone could be having a bad day, or just need someone else to give them a sign that everything is OK.

A smile can have many meanings. I am that one person no matter how tough times are, or whether there are problems to solve, always has a smile on my face. Growing up, my mother taught me, “Tears show signs of weakness”. Then I asked her, “What is a sign of strength?” 

Nine years ago, the biggest event in my life was when my father passed away. The second he took his last breath, I had no tears. It felt like the main line was shut-off. I felt more numb than I thought was normal. I busied myself, because I thought it was the best way to avoid any feelings of sadness, loss, hopelessness, and anguish, and the pain turned into…nothingness. Finally, five years to the day of his passing, I was able to cry. I felt then, and still feel, that time does eventually help heal, but some things are never forgotten. It doesn’t matter on what occasion: sad, mad, nervous, or happy, I will drop a tear or two. I disagree with my mother; it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of healing.


Constant smiling can cause laugh lines, which we all know is a nicer way of saying wrinkles.  This past weekend, other than the regular schedule of school, I participated in a cosmetic acupuncture seminar. The coolest moment was to have over 44 + needles in my face, making me look like a porcupine…while trying to keep still. Inside my head I kept saying, “Fountain of youth! I will look amazing!”

The professor and group dynamic were great! There were different students there, from recent graduates, to current students of chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, and acupuncture who participated. Inna Melnikov was a great instructor; she showed how passionate she felt and how much she believes in cosmetic acupuncture. The stories and pictures she shared, and the results were phenomenal. Cosmetic acupuncture is not just for the facial area, but other areas such as the neck (for a lift,) drooping triceps, mini tummy tucks, stretch marks that tell war stories, or help for a sagging caboose, and many more uses that I could go on about! 

The seminar is only a miniscule amount of what I am going to incorporate into my practice once I finish my education in MSOM. The combination of techniques from outside seminars, the education at NUHS with acupuncture and herbs, the great dynamic of students and professors, and the practice itself keep me motivated to pursue my passion.

It is hard trying to balance everything, but I remember to pace myself, take a break from studying for a stroll around the lake (being hissed by swans!), and mediate (for sanity), but the support of former fellow classmates at the seminar who have graduated was a reminder that all is OK. 

I guess I answered my own question to my mom, “What is a sign of strength?” A smile. Sure we can use it to mask all of our problems, but it’s a sure sign of strength. No matter what you are going through, smile for yourself, but remember that smile can also help others as well.

: )

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About the Author

Rina Sem

Rina Sem

Rina Sem is a student at the Lombard, Illinois campus studying in the Master of Science-Oriental Medicine program. Though working in the medical field for 10 years, she is keeping the promise she made to her father to complete her master’s degree. Rina is a first-generation American of Cambodian heritage, and passionate about her studies in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.


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