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Jane Drobin: From Natural Lifestyle to DC/ND Dual Degrees

by Apr 16, 2019

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Jane Drobin grew up in Elizabethtown, Pa., with parents who were interested in alternative medicine. But it wasn’t until she started researching natural lifestyles for herself that she discovered naturopathy.

“The naturopathic philosophy aligned with my personal interests,” Drobin said, which initially led her to consider osteopathic or naturopathic-only schools. “But this school (National University of Health Sciences) really caught my attention!” The opportunity to earn doctorates in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine in less time than earning them separately at different schools sealed the deal.

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Because Pennsylvania is among the growing number of states to officially license naturopathic doctors (22, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), she plans to seize the opportunity to open a private practice in her hometown, where there are few doctors of naturopathic medicine. Being able to offer chiropractic care will be an added benefit that will make her unique in the market. “Having both chiropractic and naturopathic degrees will help me be able to look at the whole person from a broader view and attract more patients,” she said.

Drobin particularly liked being able to have a full year of education in the cadaver lab, and the personalized instruction NUHS offers. But the integrative approach to a natural health care education was of special interest to her. “NUHS does a good job of exposing you to everything, and you can decide what you love,” she said. For example, after finding acupuncture students to be great resources, she added 100 hours of acupuncture instruction to her curriculum. “I’ll be able to refer my patients for acupuncture treatment because of the knowledge I now have,” she noted. She also plans to offer cupping in her practice.

She is looking forward to being able to educate her patients and spend time getting to know them. “My clinic patients say they appreciate the time that we spend listening to them,” she added.

Her advice to prospective or new students is to “be prepared to work hard, but the reward is ten times greater.”

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