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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Finals

by Dec 9, 2016

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Week 14 is here and finals have started! On one side, library rooms are fully booked and students are studying till late in the night. Everywhere you see students practicing on each other or discussing the material with their tutor. Anatomy lab is crowded and noisy. But on the other hand, we are thinking about winter break (we already have snow!), holidays, making travel plans, seeing our families, having fun in the city, and decorating for Christmas!

There is a decorating contest between departments and it’s so fun seeing all these Christmas decorations all around school!


I’m happy to be done with another trimester and even happier to be back in the clinic next tri. I will be in the clinic four mornings each week and I am looking forward to helping as many people as I can. It’s been a more difficult trimester with me working full time, but I am grateful for teachers like Dr. Stretch and Dr. Cai and for their vast experience.

Do I feel prepared to work on patients? I actually do! I don’t feel scared. I know my points and even if my diagnosis won’t be perfect, this is a learning process, and I can always consult with a clinician.

My plans for winter break and next tri?

I’m excited that next tri I get to take Materia Medica 3, Imaging class, and some Japanese acupuncture trainings. My homeopathy training is going great and I have started to practice the things that I learned, so next trainings can only teach me more. This coming weekend I’m attending my first Apex seminar in Functional Medicine with a focus on thyroid health.

Winter break will be a time to rest, regroup, and recharge. I have planned each day so I make sure I’ll have a balance between work and fun. Farmer’s market and some shows are on my list. Also, I’ve planned time with friends, books, and then come the serious things like working on my business plan, website, and finishing another certification.

Three weeks seem like a long time now, but I know breaks go very fast no matter how long they are, so we just have to take advantage of every moment we have.

I wish you Happy Holidays! May you have peace and love in your souls and your days be merry and bright!

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