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Help NUHS Post-Grad Name the University’s Mascot

by Sep 16, 2014

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We love our swans and other waterfowl on campus, but historically, the official mascot of National University of Health american bald eagleSciences is an eagle.  Records show, however, that our NUHS eagle does not have an official name.

That’s why the NUHS Lincoln College of Postprofessional, Graduate and Continuing Education has decided to run a contest to name the NUHS eagle. From now until Friday, September 19, 2014, the post-grad office will be accepting submissions from all NUHS students, faculty, and staff at both the Illinois and Florida sites. Only one entry per person will be accepted and valid entries must be submitted from an email address. Please send your suggestion to [email protected].

Naming the eagle is just part of a new promotion called “The Eagle has Landed.” You can tune into the NUHS Post Grad Facebook page, or the new blog “365 Days of the Ladies of Lincoln,” to follow where our eagle lands next.  The eagle’s journey will highlight unique features of our continuing education program, our university’s campus, and the activities of our Lincoln College faculty and staff.

“We are continually adding to our continuing education courses. We help our graduates and other health professionals improve their professional edge and broaden their medical knowledge for better patient outcomes,” says Jenna Glenn, DC, ND and dean of the NUHS Lincoln College.

“We in post-grad are proud to be a historic part of the academic excellence offered by National. That’s why it seemed perfect for us to take on the task of bringing back the eagle.”

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