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Healthy and Sane During Exams

by Feb 9, 2017

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I’m already done with the first part of exams and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Meanwhile, I had to take care of myself and not catch all the bugs that were running around campus. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not only were many people are dealing with colds, but stress during exams can lower your immunity and make you a target, so I definitely didn’t want that to happen to me, too.

How do I keep stress low and energy high during exams?

You probably think that I will start talking about Chinese herbs, but to be honest, I find patents not strong enough for me. Even if I like the raw herbs, I don’t have time for them, so I stick with easier and faster choices.


Essential Oils

First on my list are essential oils. I’ve been using them a very long time and I never leave the house without some travel bottles with my favorite ones. I know here in USA people don’t really use them orally, but in Europe we have, and you can buy them over the counter in any pharmacy. They come packed in gelatin capsules, so ingestion is very easy. Needless to say that if you use them orally, you should buy only organic high-grade essential oils.

My list is very long but here are a couple of the basic ones: mint for tension, headaches and just waking up when I feel tired; lavender as a good stress reliever; thyme to keep the bugs away; chamomile for insomnia; cardamom for calming the digestive system (bloating and abdominal cramps); lemon oil in my water to help lymph moving; eucalyptus for respiratory infections; and orange, grapefruit and rose oils just because I love the scent and they just make me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Herbal Tinctures

Second on my list are my herbal tinctures. I use different combinations for digestive issues, for energy and for immunity. Sometimes I get them from the clinic; sometimes I just buy them online.


Homeopathic Box

Next, my homeopathic box comes in very handy. I use Gelsemium for stress before an exam, Sepia for mood swings, Nux vomica for digestive issues, Kali phosphoricum for tension headaches, and Ruta graveolens for when my eyes are tired from all the reading and studying.

I was recently gifted an entire Bach flowers remedies kit and I have to say I love using it, but I still have to study and learn more about these remedies.

Ear Seeds

Last but not least, I use my ear seeds all the time! I don’t needle myself so much just because I am very sensitive, and I discovered I prefer the Japanese style, but I still use ear seeds, moxa and cupping.

Good luck with exams and lots of health!

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