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Halloween Biomedical Science Quiz

by Oct 20, 2015

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This Friday night is our Halloween Party at National University. It’s one of the many campus events where our bachelor of biomedical science students can meet and mingle with students in our graduate health professional degree programs.

If you can’t make the party, here’s a little taste of holiday fun: See if you can pass our Halloween biomedical science quiz!

1.) A spider’s web is made of what chemical substance?              

a. protein
b. starch
c. sugar
d. lipid or fat

2.) Vampire bats are:

a. real    
b. imaginary

3.)The average lifespan of the common little brown bat is:

a. 4 years  
b. 10 years    
c. 32 years

4.) Bats navigate and move through the night using: 

a. sonar  
b. radar  
c. infrared  
d. night vision

5.) A pumpkin’s orange pigment is what chemical compound or substance? 

a. flavanoid   
b. carotene   
c. chlorophyll

6.) A toadstool is a type of:

a. frog 
b. mushroom 
c. kettle 
d. bottle

7.) A human skeleton is what kind of skeleton?

a. exoskeleton 
b. endoskeleton

8.) Another name for the skull of a skeleton is:

a. android 
b. branium 
c. cranium 
d. deltoid

9.) The skeleton of humans is made of what chemical compound?

a. sodium and potassium chloride
b. calcium carbonate 
c. calcium chloride 
d. calcium phosphate

10.) What special chemical is needed for “bioluminescence” and permits the fireflies to light or glow?

a. ATP plus luciferan  
b. glucose  
c. fructose  
d. starch  
e. NAD


Answers:  1. Protein, 2. Real, 3. 32 years, 4. Sonar, 5. Carotene, 6. Mushroom, 7. Endoskeleton, 8 Cranium, 9. Calcium Phosphate, 10. ATP plus luciferan

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Debra Cascio

Debra Cascio

Debra Cascio is an undergraduate admissions counselor at National University, who works with prospective students just starting their journey into health care. To Deb, the best part of her position is learning about students' dreams and what influenced them to go into their chosen field. She grew up in Villa Park, Illinois, and is currently finishing up a degree in general studies from Columbia College in Missouri.


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