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by Oct 13, 2017

Two weeks ago just before the first wave of exams, I was feeling a bit tired and realized it might be difficult for me to study and have good results with all that fatigue. My body didn’t seem to recover very well after all the traveling I did during the last month so I had two choices: finding the time to get acupuncture and hydro in the clinic, or just readjust my diet and allow my body to heal.

With not a lot of time on hand, I went for the second one and chose to do a modified 10-day fasting similar with the one Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, used with a lot of success for so many years in his clinic before anybody else starting paying more attention to nutrition and body detoxification.


What Dr. Jensen used in his practice was a simple 7-day water fasting plus a bunch of supplements and fibers to help clean the gut and restore a good flora. Of course, me, as a future health care practitioner had to do some modifications to the original protocol and personalize it.

Besides a lot of water and herbal teas (herbs like nettle, corn silk, milk thistle), I ingested, every 2-3 hours, some psyllium powder mixed with triphala, cinnamon, some powdered flax seeds, a drop of raw honey, and some organic apple cider vinegar all mixed together with water. I drank a bunch of electrolytes, took magnesium powder twice per day, coconut charcoal, chlorella pills, powdered vitamin C, fish oil, grapefruit seeds extract, and every now and then had some fresh celery juice to keep my electrolytes up and help circulation.

The first two days are never fun and you feel hungry, but the third day, after the body adjusts, you forget about food. I had a clear mind, I could concentrate and study, felt less tired, even yoga or light exercise seemed easier.

Ten days went very fast. Exams were done, all of them passed with flying colors, and I’m back to cooking healthy nourishing foods, no cravings, less tired, and happy that we’re almost half way done with another tri.

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Iuliana Lixandru

Iuliana Lixandru

Hello! I'm Iuliana and I'm a student at National University of Health Sciences in the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) program.


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