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Faculty Present at ACBSP Sports Symposium

Monday, May 9, 2016

Several National University faculty members and student attended the recent 2016 American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians Sports Symposium, April 28-30, in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Claire Johnson and Dr. Bart Green of NUHS submitted and were accepted for two platform presentations at the event, including one on the association between biological factors and physical activity among U. S. stroke survivors, and another on the association of body mass index and physical activity with back pain in 34,525 adult Americans.

Dr. Claire Johnson and Dr. Carlo Guadagno

Dr. Claire Johnson and Dr. Carlo Guadagno

Three DC students from National University’s Florida Sports Council attended the symposium, accompanied faculty advisor Dr. Carlo Guadagno, including: Donald Shaw, president; Roberto Arias, vice president; and Catherine Wonders, outgoing president and new SACA chapter president.

DC florida students at ACBSP sports symposium

l-r: Students Roberto Arias, Catherine Wonders and Donald Shaw.

“Students enjoyed presentations on a wide variety of chiropractic sports medicine topics, including sports nutrition, concussion, non-surgical treatment modalities, thoracic outlet syndrome, extremity injuries and more,” says Dr. Guadagno.

National University students have been frequent participants in the annual event, fostering appreciation for new research in chiropractic sports medicine and interest in specialized chiropractic sports medicine certification.






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