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Extremities Presentation and Clearwater Aquarium

by Aug 5, 2016

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The trimester is coming to an end, which means it is time to start preparing for finals. In addition to exams I have a presentation in Evaluation and Management of the Extremities in the coming week. I chose a condition called Osgood Schlatter disease, because I dealt with it while growing up. It is a condition that causes knee pain as a result of inflammation of the patellar ligament due to an enlarged tibial tuberosity.

A patient with Osgood Schlatter disease usually presents with a large protrusion below the kneecap near the top of the tibia or the shinbone. It can be managed conservatively with rest, ice, compression, elevation, anti-inflammatory agents, taping, and exercises. The pain and dysfunction will go away with treatment but the bump on the leg will remain. I present on the diagnosis and treatment this Wednesday and look forward to my classmates’ presentations as well.

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Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I went to the Clearwater Aquarium to celebrate our three-year anniversary. It was a lot of fun. Their main attraction is Winter, the dolphin who was featured in the Dolphin Tale movies. There were also otters, sea turtles, stingrays, nurse sharks, and many other aquatic animals. We took pictures of the animals, we attended some presentations about the animals, and we even got to pet a few stingrays. It was a lot fun and a great way to spend our anniversary. There is another aquarium in Tampa and they are building one in St. Pete, as well. The Clearwater Aquarium is actually a rehabilitation facility for animals that were hurt in boating and fishing accidents. It is a microcosm of the wildlife one can find on the Florida coast. I had fun and was happy to support a great cause.

I should have taken pictures of Clearwater beach while we were there because it was a beautiful site to see. I will have to venture back up and take some pictures for another blog because it is definitely worth seeing.

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