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Dr. Solecki Participates in NBCE Physiotherapy Test Committee

by Sep 21, 2011

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Thomas J. Solecki, Jr., D.C., participated in the Physiotherapy Test Committee on September 16-17, 2011, at the headquarters of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) in Greeley, Colorado.

doctor solecki headshotThe Physiotherapy Test Committee is composed of faculty members from chiropractic colleges throughout the United States who are selected based on their expert knowledge of the subject. Dr. Solecki is a member of the faculty at National University of Health Sciences. During the meeting, the test committee developed two examinations that the NBCE will administer in 2012.

Physiotherapy is an elective exam offered twice yearly at chiropractic colleges across the United States. Physiotherapy assesses thermotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, phototherapy, functional assessment and physical rehabilitation. Individuals who obtained physiotherapy instruction while in chiropractic college may take this exam to demonstrate their competency in the subject to state licensing boards.

“The experience at NBCE was great,” says Dr. Solecki.  “I truly enjoyed representing NUHS at this event.  I look forward to working with NBCE in the future continuing the relationship and representation of the University.  I left NBCE realizing that the teaching and courses we provide at NUHS place our doctoral candidates miles ahead as a physician.”

NUHS President James F. Winterstein noted, “I am pleased and grateful to Dr. Solecki for his participation in the NBCE Physiotherapy Test Committee.”

The NBCE is the international testing organization for the chiropractic profession. Established in 1963, the NBCE develops, administers and scores standardized written examinations for candidates seeking chiropractic licensure throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.

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