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Dr. Lorinda Sorensen On EndoANP Board

by Aug 4, 2015

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doctor lorinda sorensenNational University faculty member Dr. Lorinda Sorensen is a founding director and board member of EndoANP, a group dedicated to naturopathic endocrinology.  EndoANP is an advanced specialty group that has recently been approved as an affiliate of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

The board members have a clinical focus on fertility, thyroid health, and other endocrinology sub-topics, some with a high degree of specialization. Dr. Sorensen is an expert on herbal and nature cure approaches to endocrinology, specializing in botanical medicines that have endocrine action. She was recently part of a webinar on botanicals helpful in the treatment of diabetes and glycemic disorders.

“The purpose of our group is to provide additional education in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders for naturopathic physicians,” says Dr. Sorensen. The group is also discussing future board certification as a long-term goal.

“The creation of affiliate groups benefits those with deep interests, as well as keeping the profession up to date with current research and new treatments. They support physicians who want to do condition-specific treatments and specialize in their practice,” she explains.

“Endocrine disorders are very common in any ND’s practice, whether it be diabetes, obesity, adrenal disorders or thyroid disorders, which can often cause complaints of fatigue or stress,” says Dr. Sorensen.

Dr. Sorensen teaches advanced laboratory diagnosis and endocrinology at National University, where she also takes an active role in helping with the student’s medicinal herb garden on campus. She is also a board member and conference coordinator for the Illinois Association for Naturopathic Physicians.

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