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Dr. Daniel Strauss Appointed to Medical District Board

Monday, December 16, 2013

doctor daniel straussDr. Daniel Strauss, dean of the College of Professional Studies at National University of Health Sciences in Florida, has been appointed to the Pinellas Park Medical District board of directors.

The Pinellas Park Medical District (PPMD) is an organization with a common goal to improve the delivery of health care services in the community.  It is comprised of health care providers, hospital administrators, educators, and health care support services in the Pinellas Park area.  Sponsors of the PPMD include Northside Hospital, St. Petersburg College, and the Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce.

NUHS became involved with the PPMD shortly after it was established in 2012.  The mission of the PPMD is: “To promote and strengthen health care in the Pinellas Park Medical District through medical business development, student enrollment, and employment opportunities.”

NUHS has participated with the PPMD in community events such as health fairs and business ribbon-cutting ceremonies. The university’s membership has also increased inter-professional dialogue between NUHS and the local medical community.

“Our involvement with the medical district offers potential student enrollment opportunities, increases awareness of our University in the medical community, and provides exposure to our clinic system as well,” says Dr. Strauss. “Being involved in this organization is a great example of National’s commitment to integrative medicine.”






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