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Dr. Claire Johnson presents at International Congress

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

National University of Health Sciences professor and editor-in-chief of the NUHS journalsDr. Claire Johnson, attended Dr Claire Johnsonthe 10th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Girdle Pain in Antwerp, Belgium held October 28 through 31, 2019. She delivered an oral plenary presentation, “Global Spine Care Initiative: An international and inter-professional Delphi process to develop a Model of Care for people presenting with back pain and disability.” 

“This research is the culmination of a 5-year project involving a collaboration of multi-professional spine experts from 36 countries,” said Dr. Johnson. “The project offers a spine care model that can be implemented globally.”

The model is easy to use and adaptable thus has the potential to serve areas that have minimal resources, such as in low- and middle-income countries and underserved areas in high income countries, she continued. “This global approach is unique as it has not been attempted before, so it offers new insights into how we can better serve people who present with spine concerns.”

Sixty-seven co-coauthors including NUHS Associate Editor, Dr. Bart Green developed the paper; it is available at Additionally, Dr. Johnson has served NUHS as a faculty member and editor for 15 years. Under her leadership, National’s journals have grown into leading scientific publications.






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