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Dr. C. Robert Humphreys Receives IAFNR Lifetime Achievement Award

by Oct 27, 2015

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At its recent October 2015 convention in Orlando, Florida, the International Association of Functional Neurology and doctor c robert humprheys receives IAFNR lifetime achieve award from doctor stiefelRehabilitation (IAFNR) awarded Dr. C. Robert Humphreys of National University its “Lifetime Achievement Award.”  The IFANR’s mission is to promote the research and application of neurology-based health care. The field of functional neurology identifies and treats dysfunctions and subtle changes in the nervous system before they become distinct pathologies.

Dr. Humphreys has taught clinical neurology at National University since 1987, as well as post-professional courses in neurology and electrodiagnosis.  He has previously served as chair of the diagnosis department, supervisor of the family practice residency, and as director of student clinic. He currently teaches evaluation and management of the head and neck as well as neurological systems and evaluation and management of the eye, ear, nose, and throat in the doctor of chiropractic program at National University.

He received a diplomate in neurology 1995, and has also taught in the post-professional faculty at several other chiropractic educational institutions as well as the Carrick Institute.

In its award, the IAFNR lauded Dr. Humphreys as “a huge asset to the chiropractic profession and furthering functional neurology within the profession.”

“Having been a student of Dr. Humphreys, I know first hand of why he received this incredible honor,” says NUHS President Joseph Stiefel. “I could not be any happier that he received this life-time achievement award as he has changed the lives of so many students, doctors, and patients.”

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