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Dr. Bain of the Tampa Bay Lightning

by Mar 25, 2016

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Last week was fun yet difficult.

2016-03-25_coverIn the beginning of the week, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s chiropractic physician, Dr. Timothy Bain, came to NUHS to talk to us about his experiences as part of the Lightning’s medical team. 

He stressed the importance of working as a team with other medical providers. He spoke about how everyone has a role to play, and we as chiropractors should be a part of a collaborative effort in managing the patient’s health. He also emphasized the necessity of take continuing education courses and post-doctoral certifications.

Dr. Bain also spoke with us about his experiences prior to being a part of the Lightning’s medical team. He told us about his first experience as an associate and how he built his practice.

He treated an elderly man who happened to be a professional tennis trainer. Soon after treating the tennis trainer, Dr. Bain was treating professional tennis players and their families. He eventually saw a few professional hockey players who recommended him to become the Tampa Bay Lightning team chiropractor.

Dr. Bain spoke about how he actually started seeing professional athletes via patient referrals. It was very interesting to hear how he got started. It really embodied the idea that if you do good work, others will come. After he spoke about his experiences, he answered all the questions we had. He was even nice enough to take a picture with us after the presentation.


After working Monday and Tuesday night, I was glad to play a recreational soccer game in St. Petersburg with Tampa Bay Club Sports on Wednesday night. There are plenty of recreational sports leagues in the area to help stay active and have another outlet from the demands of school.

Thursday was the most eventful day academically. We had a quiz in Science of Diet and Nutrition on dietary cofactors for energy production. We also had our second of three exams in Cardio, Respiratory and Renal Physiology. The first exam was on the respiratory system and the second exam was on the cardiovascular system. I did well on both the nutrition quiz and the cardio exam. It was difficult because I worked Friday through Tuesday, but I still managed to find time in my busy schedule to study.


After our exam was completed, my classmates and I dressed head-to-toe in green and went downtown to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day! We went to an Irish pub, enjoyed some Irish food, and listened to some live music. It was a great post-exam stress reliever. I had work the following three days so my weekend was uneventful. Another exam is coming next week so I am off to study for pathologies.

Thanks for reading my blog, if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected].

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