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Dr. Arick among nominees for ACA Board of Governors

by Jan 12, 2020

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Christopher Arick, DC, MSChristopher Arick, DC, MS, Assistant Dean of the NUHS chiropractic program, has been chosen as one of four nominees who could potentially fill an open seat on the Board of Governors for the American Chiropractic Association, the largest professional chiropractic organization in the United States with 15,000 members.

ACA’s Board of Governors represent the best interests of the organization and assists in accomplishing ACA’s objectives, strategic plan and purposes. Board of Governors members also serve as Governors Advisory Cabinet members and contribute annually to the ACA Political Action Committee and the National Chiropractic Legal and Legislative Action Fund.

As an active ACA member, Dr. Arick helps promote the Faculty ACA, which is dedicated to serving faculty, administrators and academics in chiropractic, and will be giving a webinar for the ACA regarding Advanced Practice in Chiropractic Medicine next month. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine.

If voted into the position, Dr. Arick said he will strive to lead integrative medicine professions toward improving patient health and public health. He is also interested in promoting a progression of education and practice in the chiropractic profession to achieve better patient outcomes and to promote better public health in a wider population, especially in the area of chronic disease.

“In order to complete this task, the ACA will need to make strides to improve development of its specialties including their education and accreditation by outside organizations, but also take a stance in a broad clinical scope of practice,” he said. “The strength of the profession will come from the synergy that is generated by its specialty depth that should be promoted by the ACA and educational institutions.”

Dr. Arick along with the other nominees will address ACA’s House of Delegates and answer questions Jan 31. Afterward, ACA delegates will vote to fill the position.

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