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Colleges Join for University-Wide Commencement

by Apr 25, 2016

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National University’s April 22nd graduation ceremony honored 64 graduates from the university’s graduate and undergraduate doctor stiefel presenting degree at commencement ceremonydegree programs.

The spring commencement incorporated two logistical changes to make the event more convenient for graduates, families, faculty and staff.  First, the university held one ceremony to honor graduates from both its College of Allied Health Sciences as well as the College of Professional Studies, as opposed to the previous custom of holding separate events for each college. The ceremony was also moved from Thursday to Friday to better accommodate travel demands of family members.

The honored guest speaker was Orien Lee Tulp, PhD, MD, founder of the University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT) in Montserrat, British West Indies, and director of the Mayfield Clinic for Regenerative Research.  Dr. Tulp spoke of the importance of connecting the dots between basic sciences and the clinical application of medicine. He also discussed emerging technologies in the study of medicine, and the advantages and challenges such technologies bring to modern physicians.

NUHS President Joseph Stiefel gave closing remarks on the importance of learning critical thinking skills in order to meet the unique needs and health profile of each patient. He also acknowledged long time faculty member, Dr. James Christiansen, who is retiring after 38 years of service to the university.

Below are the April 2016 NUHS graduates listed by program:

College of Professional Studies

Doctor of Chiropractic

Sandra Alexandria
Louai Al-Samkari
Andrea Ansenberger
Jaron Boggs
William Bolster
Sharon Fontes Borkowski – salutatorian
Angela Lynne Bott – valedicatorian
Amanda C. Braden
Kimberly M. Brossard
Bradley Douglas Campbell
Reid Scott Etter
Kathryn Colleen Gies
Joseph L. Glowiak
Jessica R. Gradel
Jeffrey Ray Greenlea, Jr.
Allison Grondski
Heather Hastings
Jessica Lynn Hiipakka
Caylin Dee Howell
Brian E. Huffman
Jason E. Hunt
Gian Carlo Iannuccilli
Antonio Jimenez, Jr.
Jillian Leigh Johnson
Boryeong Kim
Andrew Martin Kiper
Robert Braadley Koser, Jr.


Xiu Zhen Li
Shane MacPhee
Derek L. Maitland
Julia Therese Malkowski
Alexander Maxeiner
Nadrine Sinead Omar
Dan Ourada
Bianca Michelle Page
Jamie Lee Pries
Bryan A. Pries
Megan Mari Procaccini
Kimberly Ann Tapia
Elyse Victoria Tursi
Kamal Vaid
DC Valedictorian and Joseph Janse Award Winner Dr. Angela Bott with Dr. Daniel Strauss

DC Valedictorian and Joseph Janse Award Winner Dr. Angela Bott with Dr. Daniel Strauss

Doctor Naturopathic Medicine

Bradford D. Case – valedictorian
Wendy Brown Eidman
Tamon Farquharson
Abdullah Hafid
Blain Harbourne
Mallory Jane Howe
Lisa Krebs
McKenzie Treloar Mescon – salutatorian
Kaila Sellars
Tina Vucaj
Commencement speaker Dr. Orien Tulp and President Stiefel

Commencement speaker Dr. Orien Tulp and President Stiefel

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Amanda V. Gawrysz – valedictorian
Paul Brian Majer – salutatorian

Master of Science in Acupuncture

Lacey Ebert – salutatorian
Nolan Lee – valedictorian

april 2016 graduating class

College of Allied Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

Lindsay Christensen – valedictorian
Kyle Edward Ellis
Lian Joy Fonacier
Paul Grumish
   Sara Magee
Tanner Magee
Melanie Spacone
Jacqueline Winiarczyk – valedictorian

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy

Angela E. Kunde Gonzalez

graduates celebrating at april commencement ceremony

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