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Chiropractic Games 2015

by Nov 5, 2015

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Midterms are finally almost over! The reason midterms seem to never end is because some classes have three exams and others have two. In classes with three exams, my classmates and I refer to the first two exams as “midterms” and the third exam as “the final.” Midterms actually span many weeks because we have our first of three exams in some classes, immediately have our midterms in the classes with only two exams, followed by the second exams in the classes with three. It is like running a marathon, it is exhausting! The good news is after this upcoming week I won’t have any exams for two weeks. Not only was I happy about the end of midterms, I was ecstatic about the Chiropractic Games!


Chiropractic schools from all over the country met in Cocoa Beach, Florida, to compete against one another in sports. I played soccer and ran. The Illinois and Florida students competed together as National University, which allowed us to participate in more sports. The soccer team was almost half Florida and half Illinois, but the running team was all Illinois students and myself. Our soccer team played very well in every game but did not qualify for the final.


Our running team ended up winning the team 5k and the 10-mile relay in which all our runners ran two miles each. Three of our runners also took home individual medals!

Though I didn’t earn an individual medal, I was proud of myself for competing in multiple sports. I played in three 40-minute soccer games and ran the 5k on the first day. Later that day we went to the beach and soaked up some sunshine. That night, all the National students had dinner and S’mores by the fire pit at the hotel. It was a really great way to end the first day. Many of the students went out for Halloween, but I was extremely tired from the sports I participated in so I decided to head to bed early.


The next day I ran two miles and played in one soccer game. Despite my best efforts to hydrate and fortify my body with proper nutrition, the Florida heat and the intensity of the sports took their toll on my body. I cramped up after all the events were done and had a few aches, but it was nothing some manual therapy and Rock Tape couldn’t take care of. After we finished our events the running team and I celebrated our victory at the beach bar. There was a live band and very good food! We all went to the beach and took pictures with our medals to conclude the weekend.

The weather was beautiful as it always is in Florida. We only had a two and a half hour drive to get to Cocoa Beach rather than a flight like most of the other schools had. The convenience was just another reason I am happy to be at NUHS Florida.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected].

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Christopher Kotwicki

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