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Brain Health

by Sep 23, 2016

The complexity of the human body is incredible, and brain function plays a profound role in making sure everything works the way it should. Proper brain health and function isn’t just about neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. There is a complex network of neurons dependent upon blood glucose, perfusion, clearing of waste, nutrients, an intact blood-brain barrier, and more factors!

At a brain chemistry seminar this weekend, we spent three full days learning more about what it means to have proper brain chemistry and the conditions and symptoms that result when different aspects are out of balance. After learning more, I realized that many people could use additional support with brain health, such as students, overworked single parents, seniors, athletes — if not literally everyone on the planet.


Every time I go to a seminar, not only do I take away information for my future patients, but also myself… I’m going to be working on my brain health because it needs a little boost!

Brain fatigue and brain fog are prevalent, and although they are common, they aren’t normal. They are symptoms that indicate something is out of balance. Now, I may have sparked your interest in this topic, and you’re probably wondering how to improve your brain function. Three fundamental things you can do that are beneficial for both overall health and brain health are:

  • Consume a diversified vegetable-rich diet providing nutrients and minerals necessary for the biochemical reactions taking place in the brain;
  • Ensure adequate fat intake so that your body can myelinate (put a nutritive and protective coating on) neurons; and
  • Maintain healthy blood glucose levels — Fun Fact: 50% of the glucose the body needs is used by the brain.  

A thorough appointment and exam with a naturopathic doctor could give you customized advice, supplements, and brain exercises, by taking into account lab work and your individual concerns.

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About the Author

Mary Simon

Mary Simon

I'm a naturopathic medical student at NUHS. I started the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program in January 2014. I was born and raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a beautiful town on Lake Michigan. My experiences interpreting (Spanish to English) in nearly all medical specialties solidified my decision to study naturopathic medicine, as I saw a deep need for treating the body as a whole, getting to the root causes of symptoms, and using minimally invasive low-cost therapies to restore health.


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