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Booth Projects and Skeletal Tumors Exam

by Nov 4, 2016

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There is one class that everyone has a difficult time with and that class is Fundamentals of Imaging: Skeletal Dysplasia and Tumors. In my opinion, it is a very good thing that this class is difficult. Most patients who seek out chiropractic physicians are seeking some type of pain management.

When imaging is necessary, it is essential that we as physicians can recognize normal variants, benign tumors, and malignant tumors as making the correct diagnosis can be the difference between life and death. Though they are rare, tumors can be a source of pain or discomfort. Though many appear similar in appearance, one can differentiate between a benign or malignant lesion based on the location of the lesion or age of the patient. We had both a written exam and a lab practical. In class we were shown this picture to help differentiate between lesions.


This picture helps show whether a specific lesion is found in the epiphysis, metaphysis, or diaphysis. We learned pneumonic devices to remember which lesions are benign and which are malignant. This picture is also helpful in determining what type of lesion one would have based on his or her age.

In addition to studying for exams, we presented our booth projects in our marketing class. Last trimester I observed the booth projects of the students in the trimester above us. This time I was happy to present what I envision as my future practice. The upper and lower trimester students were in attendance and put us all on the spot asking questions like why he or she should come see me, what kind of services I offer, and what a Doctor of Chiropractor does. I presented my practice named “Stafford Chiropractic” named for the township I grew up in. I offered manipulation, IASTM, instrument assisted adjusting, kinesiology taping, topical analgesics, and laser therapy.


I dressed how I felt I would dress in practice, an athletic fit polo and a pair of slacks. I brought my IASTM tool, my Chiropractic Adjusting Tool, a resistance band, a few rolls of kinesiology tape, and flex bar. I presented an example of functional soft tissue manipulation with my IASTM tool and flex bar. My presentation was meant to depict how I want to focus primarily on sports related injuries and rehabilitation. That said I obviously will be open to treating patients of any and all ages but for this presentation I wanted to pick a specialty and roll with it.

My presentation went very well. My classmates and I were given anonymous written feedback from all the observers as well as constructive criticism from our professor. It was a great learning experience and a nice break from the typical written exams we have to take so often.

Thanks for reading my blog, if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

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