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Biomechanics of Running and St. Pete Beach

by Jun 1, 2016

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This week, I was very busy. I had a quiz in Botanical Medicine and a quiz in Evaluation and Management of Extremities. I did very well on Botanical Medicine quiz. I had a botany class during undergraduate, which has given me a good foundation for this class. I was happy I got off to a good start in that class. The extremities quiz was much more elaborate. It was over twice as long as the botany quiz and was much more in depth. It encompassed the orthopedic exams, abnormal findings, clinical guidelines, and treatments. The majority of the exam was on gait.


In class, we discussed the difference between shod running and barefoot running. We discussed the implications each have on stride length, foot strike, and landing force. As a runner, I found the information very useful and intriguing. Barefoot running changes our gait subconsciously. We are more likely to shorten our stride and land with a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike when we run barefoot. It was interesting to look at the biomechanics and I was able to get those questions correct on the quiz. I also have put this information to good use. I like to run barefoot because it allows me to run without knee pain. I now have the information to explain how landing forces change from running with shoes to running barefoot. More force is placed on the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) and less on the heel and knee when running barefoot with proper form.


During the week, my sister and her husband paid me a visit. They drove down to Florida for their honeymoon and stopped in St. Pete Beach after visiting the Keys and Miami. We spent the first day at St. Pete Beach throwing the Frisbee, kicking the soccer ball, and swimming in the gulf. We had dinner at a local beach bar with a view of the gulf and a live band. We finished the day by watching the sunset. It was a very nice time and I was happy to see my sister down here in Florida.


The week concluded with our triannual tri-mixer! Many of the students of National University of Health Sciences took the time to enjoy each other’s company at St. Pete Brewing Company. We had a variety of specialty pizzas, fine wine, and craft beer. I mingled with the older students in clinic, the first trimester students, and everyone in between. We enjoyed a variety of games like corn hole, giant Connect Four, Mario Kart, and giant Jenga. There was a huge turnout for the mixer and as always it was a great time.


We walked around downtown St. Petersburg together and went to a few of our favorite spots after the mixer. It was an eventful week both in and out of school. I am learning a lot but also enjoying my free time in beautiful St. Pete, Florida.

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