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by Jan 20, 2017

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Another break is gone and we’re even closer to the finish line. Winter break brought me some much-needed rest and I can’t really say I did too many things. I kept it low key and just stayed around the house, reorganized my office, met with friends, went to the movies, and did some shopping. This time I really felt I needed the rest and I allowed my body to just do nothing and relax.

First week of school is already gone and I’m happy to say I had a blast in the clinic, saw 6 patients, and enjoyed every single minute. This trimester I have 4 clinic shifts, 5 classes, and just 20 hours per week at work, so I’m hoping it will be a bit easier on my body and overall health. Usually I am not excited about Western Medicine classes, but I am happy to say I loved every minute of my first class in Imaging Diagnosis with Dr. Bogar, and I am looking forward to learning a lot from him!


Each of the next 14 weeks is already planned. Before the end of last tri I bought a planner and started adding things in it almost every day. If I don’t plan and have everything on my calendar, all becomes a big mess and I end up not having time to even eat a proper meal.

I am not a crafty person but I love making lists so I have all the exams and the time for study in my planner. The material is divided in small portions starting with Week 2 so I don’t get overwhelmed just before an exam.

I use the planner for everything, not only exams. I plan when I do laundry, cook, grocery shop, read books, exercise, go to seminars — basically all my life. It makes it easier to not feel stressed, forget things and it shows me exactly how much free time I have each day, so I can take some time for myself and play with the dog, talk with friends and family, or just enjoy a book or movie.

In case some of you are interested in seminars happening this trimester, here’s a list:

  • ILAAOM has a couple of seminars focused on Japanese acupuncture.
  • East West Healing Center (Lombard) is planning a seminar on “Pathogenesis and TCM Treatment of the Infertility” and they also offer 50% discount for students.
  • Not sure how many AOM students are interested in Functional Medicine, but if you are, there are a couple of Apex Seminars coming up this trimester and the student prices are unbeatable.
  • Integrate Chicago Conference 2017 is happening on February 11th. I attended last year and I wasn’t really impressed, but this year they are having more speakers and I am hoping it will be more interesting.

Good luck with classes and studying!

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