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AOM Program 10-Year Anniversary

by Sep 16, 2016

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Hello Everyone! Fall Trimester has already started and first week has been filled with events and happenings!


Beginning of a tri is usually going slower. You get the time to adapt to your new schedule and get into a rhythm. Not this time for me! I have just returned from a trip to Romania so jet lag was in order, and I also have started working full time. I leave home around 8 am and come back around 10 pm.


Even so, I didn’t want to skip on our 10-year anniversary this past weekend. NUHS AOM program started 10 years ago! Can you believe it? Not only students and teachers got to celebrate together on Saturday evening, but also Dr. Wang brought some amazing clinicians who presented two seminars.

Saturday’s seminar focused on how to “Maximize the Effectiveness of Electro-Acupuncture” and was presented by Dr. Jin Guan-Yuan, OMD, LAc. I didn’t attend this one but other students were impressed with its content.

Electro-Acupuncture Seminar

Sunday’s seminar focused on Jump Muscle technique and was presented by Dr. Lu Biao, OMD, LAc. I attended this one and I was so happy I did!

Our school curriculum is quite good and while you learn how to needle, to tonify or to sedate a point, there’s never enough time in class to practice more of these techniques. In the beginning, most of us are too scared to needle deeper or to manipulate the needle. If you are one of those people and didn’t get to attend the seminar, I’d say Google “jump muscle technique,” watch some videos about it, and try to improve your needling technique.

Acupuncture Techniques Seminar

Dr. Biao not only explained the reason we should be looking for a muscle jump response when we needle a patient, but he demonstrated on lots of volunteers, and also included warming and cooling techniques.

My only regret is that I didn’t learn all this months ago! I still have this tri until I start my internship so I’m planning to practice as much as I can before seeing patients in the clinic.

Last, but not least, ILaaom Walk for Acupuncture happened on Sunday morning. It was a gorgeous day and lots of our students attended the event. I didn’t get to hear impressions yet, but I saw some pictures on Facebook and I bet everybody had lots of fun. If you’re a new student and you seem like you missed a lot, don’t worry. Acupuncture walks happen once a year so you can attend the next one.

Romanian Monastery

Until next time, I wish you all an amazing tri, good luck with your new classes, and enjoy some pictures from my trip and from the seminars!

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Iuliana Lixandru

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