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70 Graduates Honored in Commencement Ceremony

by Dec 16, 2019

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Dr. Joseph Stiefel and Dr. John Scaringe

Dr. Joseph Stiefel and Dr. John Scaringe

NUHS celebrated the achievements of 70 graduates during a commencement ceremony December 13 in the Student Center at the Illinois campus. Graduates took home diplomas in chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, advanced clinical practice, acupuncture, oriental medicine, biomedical sciences and massage therapy.

The ceremony featured guest speaker John Scaringe, MS, EdD, DC, president/CEO of Southern California University of Health Sciences, who was also awarded an honorary degree during the ceremony. Dr. Scaringe began his career at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) as faculty in 1991 and has since served in various leadership roles including as a member of higher education accreditation teams.

He discussed the growing rate of preventable chronic illnesses in the United States and the important role of NUHS graduates in a health care landscape moving toward integrative medicine.

“What health care needs is National graduates,” he said. “You are the change the health care system craves.”

Valedictorians from each program delivered inspirational speeches to their fellow classmates. Valedictorians included Brian Davis, Doctor of Chiropractic; Sarah Abel, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine; Sobhana Vasan, Master of Science in Acupuncture; Tiffani Becerra Alwazan, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine; Eva Guzman, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences; and Lisa Marie Cadotte, Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy.

Brian Davis, Doctor of Chiropractic Sarah Abel, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine nuhs student delivering commencement address

During her speech, Cadotte thanked her support group that included family, friends, classmates and teachers. “I look forward to staying connected with this community and future therapists,” she said.

In his closing remarks, President Joseph Stiefel compared graduates’ academic journey to the hero’s quest central to the Star Wars movies.

“You have all been trained with the most powerful weapon known to man: knowledge,” he said. “You all have been made ready for quite the adventure.”

NUHS graduates at commencement ceremony

Graduate Class

Doctor of Chriopractic

Alfred Alessi

Alysha Alonzo

Emily Arnold

Jennifer Baylor

Evan Beatty

Nathaniel Biegler

Spencer Brauchla

Miguel Bunker-Huertas

Arden Burch

Brian Davis

Stephen DeRosa Jr.

Kelly Dixon

Thomas Etue

Lauren Fairley

Robert Flannigan

Collin Gill

Yekaterina Grinchak

Latesa Guerra

Kelsie Herrera

David Kizior

Lauren Koopman

Anthony Kopp

Rachel Marr

Mikel Marshall

Kevin McGarry

Alicia Mienko

Daniel Mseih

Brion Nikitow

Farahnaz Niroumandpour

Amber Patteson

Anthony Petrarca

Ryan Pokrywka

Steven Pungello

Gregory Roytman

Shashank Saxena

Gretchen Schwarzbeck

Yevgenia Sippel

Anya Szigeti

Mark Vonder Embse

Marissa Wossner

Dustin Yoder


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine  

Sarah Abel

Aaron Bardwell

Niecy Cameron

Joshua Cook

Cassandra Costa

Allison Durham

Kimberly Hubbard

Jennifer Egypt Iredia

Vivian Liranzo

Jinan Mahdi

Kristina Pravisay

Andee Stynchula

Gennea Williams

Nathan Woollery

Zachery Young


Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice

Master of Science in Acupuncture

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Robert Twaddell

Sarah Montesa

Sobhana Vasan

Tiffani Alwazan

Qi Stephanie Zhu


Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy

Certificate in Massage Therapy

Astrid Aguinaga

Liyna Demirel

Taylor Grant

Eva Guzman

Sumin Jun

Monserrat Malonson

Lisa Cadotte

Sunny Jackson

Hae Son

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