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51 Reasons to Finish Your College Degree

by Oct 28, 2014

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Statistics show that only 58% of those who start college finish their four-year degree. Yet, no matter how long it’s been since you left college, there are several great reasons to finish your bachelor’s degree.  In fact, the website assembled 51 good reasons to return to college. Here’s our adaptation of their list: 

  1. Be more qualified
  2. Make more money
  3. Demonstrate success
  4. Gain a competitive edge
  5. Meet higher expectations
  6. Switch fields
  7. Secure your future
  8. A better lifestyle
  9. Confidence builder
  10. Improve your social network
  11. Improve your discipline
  12. Improve your business network
  13. Learn from experts
  14. Learn to organize thoughts clearly
  15. Gain exposure to a wide array of topics
  16. Test your commitment and perseverance
  17. Start a tradition in your family
  18. Find your direction
  19. Build on a concentration
  20. Find others like you
  21. Take classes at home or work or anywhere
  22. Be yourself in a new environment
  23. Evening classes let you keep your job
  24. Online classes and flexible class scheduling
  25. Access the library system
  26. WiFi access on campus
  27. Free use of fitness center
  28. Join sports clubs
  29. Explore new career options
  30. Join student professional organizations
  31. Take some off-beat electives
  32. Learn valuable health tips
  33. Learn to debate and discuss subjects
  34. Switch or double your past college major
  35. Something to do after retirement
  36. Meet successful alumni
  37. Connect to classmates via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  38. It’s not as expensive as you think
  39. Live on campus
  40. Reinvent yourself
  41. Create lasting memories
  42. Break out of your routine
  43. Access a computer resource center
  44. Learn to study and work on your own
  45. Learn to work with others
  46. Visit with professors
  47. Find a mentor or advisors.
  48. Get some spirit – attend a game
  49. Student parties and activities
  50. Student health services
  51. Guest visitors, lectures and speakers

Need more reasons to return to college? Contact us and we’ll help you find all the reasons why completing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences at NUHS is a great option for you.


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About the Author

Debra Cascio

Debra Cascio

Debra Cascio is an undergraduate admissions counselor at National University, who works with prospective students just starting their journey into health care. To Deb, the best part of her position is learning about students' dreams and what influenced them to go into their chosen field. She grew up in Villa Park, Illinois, and is currently finishing up a degree in general studies from Columbia College in Missouri.


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