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NUHS community gathers for Turkey Bowl 2023

by Nov 28, 2023

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National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with the long-standing tradition of Turkey Bowl on Nov. 17. 

 Held at the Florida site, students, faculty, staff and alumni, together with their families, all gathered for a fun night of flag football, food, giveaways and comradery.  

In accordance with tradition, NUHS President Joe Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC, opened the festivities with a pre-game pep talk. He highlighted the many different members of the NUHS community who came out, whether it was Turkey Bowl alumni, those who played at the first Turkey Bowl, or former students who were now faculty at Turkey Bowl. He also shared fun facts about the event. 

“Turkey Bowl is so powerful, like an eclipse you can’t look directly at it,” he joked. 

At the start of the game, Dr. Stiefel also performed the coin toss. Four teams of students and faculty alike competed in the single elimination tournament. Due to a tie, a Turkey Bowl dance-off was held to decide the winner.  

The winning team will have their team name carved onto the Turkey Bowl Trophy, the Stiefel Cup. All participants and attendees also receive a “limited edition” commemorative pin celebrating this year’s Turkey Bowl. 

Mandi Rosenquist, DC, is among the alumni who continue to attend Turkey Bowl. 

“I love going to Turkey Bowl every year because it is the one day of the year that some of us alumni get to see each other,” she said. “I also love seeing all of my old professors, and the best part is seeing the new students and hearing how they’re doing and encouraging them to keep studying and be patient- because it only gets better! NUHS became my family when I moved to Florida and I will always try to make it to Turkey Bowl!” 

Daniel Strauss, DC, Dean of the College of Professional Studies – Florida, looks forward to attending the annual event year after year. 

“Our Turkey Bowl event represents the essence of NUHS Florida’s incredible campus, community engagement, and school spirit,” Dr. Strauss said. 

He noted that this year had an incredible turnout that included some incoming students who aren’t slated to start until the Spring 2024 term, along with prospective students. 

“The NUHS Turkey Bowl event has grown every year, and I am excited that this year was one of our biggest and best Turkey Bowl events to date! What a great way to experience first-hand what makes the NUHS-FL community so special,” Dr. Strauss said. 

For a complete collection of photos and videos from the game, and a video of President Stiefel’s pre-game pep talk, visit the NUHS Florida Facebook page. 

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