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Korean medical doctor provides clinical application presentation on Saam Korean acupuncture


Seung Min Kathy Lee, L.Ac, KMD, PhD, a Korean medical doctor, visited NUHS for a four-hour learning presentation about Saam Acupuncture, a type of acupuncture commonly used in Korea.

Saam Korean

Unlike traditional Chinese acupuncture, Saam Acupuncture uses only 4-8 points that are located below the elbow and knee joints to treat chronic, systemic, and functional diseases.  Invented 400 years ago by a Buddhist monk, the technique is known for its ability to promote faster relief of symptoms.

NUHS AOM Presenter -3

Dr. Lee gave students a basic overview of Saam Acupuncture along with demonstrations on its clinical application. Both students and faculty attended and enjoyed pizza provided by the AOM club.

Dr. Lee currently operates practices in New York City and New Jersey and is a lead instructor for Saam Acupuncture at Donguibogam Academy USA. She is also active in research and has published over 20 scientific research papers on acupuncture.


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