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Grand Rounds

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Grand Rounds

The naturopathic medicine (ND) program’s Grand Rounds is a unique part of the university’s commitment to integrative medicine.

Grand Rounds is an important teaching tool utilized by medical schools since the 1800s. Today doctors and other health care practitioners continue to use Grand Rounds sessions to stay up to date with evolving inpatient care. Following this time-honored tradition, National University’s ND students, faculty and practitioners share knowledge, research and experience on specific conditions and case histories to enrich the learning process and enhance clinical excellence.

Each Grand Rounds presentation explores a clinical question. The presenter is challenged to go beyond basic research about conditions and treatments and focus instead on the direct application of research information to patient care. This way, students are trained to look at research the way doctors do when they’re in practice.

ND student interns give presentations once a week at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard. On occasion, the session features expert speakers and faculty presentations.

In the past, Grand Rounds sessions have featured expert speakers including Dr. Khara Lucius, a naturopathic oncology expert at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and Gracie Gean, founder of Gracie Gean Chronic Pain Advocacy and Consulting.

Grand Rounds is a required part of the ND curriculum for all ninth and tenth trimester students. Students from the chiropractic, acupuncture, and oriental medicine programs are also invited to attend so that they may learn about naturopathic perspectives on patient care.  In addition, any faculty member, or any student in evidence-based practice courses at the university, may also attend.

Opening the ND program’s Grand Rounds to students in other specialties, fosters greater understanding, respect and future inter-referrals between naturopathic physicians and other health care practitioners.