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MAc-CHM Trimester-by-Trimester
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MAc-CHM Trimester-by-Trimester Curriculum

Several classes are offered in alternate trimesters (for example T1 or T2). Learn more about our innovative curriculum by viewing the course schedule.

Total Program Credits: 149.0

Trimester 1

Course 21 Total Credits
OM4405 Introduction to Oriental Medicine
OM4406 Physiology of Oriental Medicine
AC4461 Meridian Theory and Point Location 1
AC4463 Meridian Theory and Point Location 2
TM4492L Asian Body Work
TM4491L Tui Na
WB4401 Western Medical Terminology
WB4407 Western Anatomy and Physiology
WB4402 Human Anatomy
WB4404 Principles of Biochemistry
WB4405 Neurology

Trimester 2

Course 22.0 Total Credits
WC5423 Psychopathology and Health Psychology
OM5471 Diagnosis and Skills of Oriental Medicine 1
AC4462 Meridian and Point Energetics 1
AC4464 Meridian and Point Energetics 2
WD4441L Western Physical Examination
WD4442L Neuromusculoskeletal Examination
WB4411 Microbiology, Immunology and Public Health
WB4412 Western Pathology
CL4561L Clinic Observation 1
OM5472 Diagnosis and Skills of Oriental Medicine 2
OM4411 Etiology and Pathogenesis of Oriental Medicine
CL5591L Herbal Associate Integrative Internship 1

Trimester 3

Course 21.0 Total Credits
AC5471 Acupuncture and Clean Needle Technique
ID4541L Tai Chi
ID4542L Medical Qi Gong
CL4562L Clinic Observation 2
CL4563L Clinic Observation 3
OM6451 Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Strategy
AC6481 Microsystems and Advanced Acupunctures
AC5472 Acupuncture and Accessory Techniques
PD6542 Evidence Based Practice
OM5441 Differential Diagnosis of Oriental Medicine 1 (T3 or T4)
OM5442 Differential Diagnosis of Oriental Medicine 2 (T3 or T4)
CL5592L Herbal Associate Integrative Internship 2

Trimester 4

Course 23.0 Total Credits
WC5421 Neurophysiology of Acupuncture
WC5422 Western Pharmacology and Toxicology
CL5571L Associate Internship 1
CL5572L Associate Internship 2
CL5573L Associate Internship 3
CL5574L Associate Internship 4
AC6452 Acupuncture Treatment Strategy
PD6543 Business, Marketing and Practice Management
WD5441 Imaging Diagnosis
CL5593L Herbal Associate Integrative Internship 3
HM6523 Classics of Oriental Medicine
HM4514L Herbal Pharmacy Practicum

Trimester 5

Course 20.0 Total Credits
WD5442 Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis
TM5491L Advanced Tui Na
CL6581L Acupuncture Senior Internship 1
CL6582L Acupuncture Senior Internship 2
CL6583L Acupuncture Senior Internship 3
CL6584L Acupuncture Senior Internship 4
CL6585L Acupuncture Senior Internship 5
OS6531 Advanced Seminar 1
PD6541 Doctor and Patient Relationship
CL6601L Herbal Senior Integrative Internship 1
HM6524 Integration of Herbal Medicine

Trimester 6

Course 20.0 Total Credits
TM5492L Rehab and Physical Therapy of Oriental Medicine
XXXX Integrative Medicine
WT6455 Western Diet and Nutrition
OS6532 Advanced Seminar 2
WD6441 Western Physical Diagnosis
OM6453 Nutrition and Food Therapy of Oriental Medicine (T5 or T6)
HM4511 Materia Medica 1
HS6531 Herbal Seminar 1
CL6602L Herbal Senior Integrative Internship 2
WT6456 Botanical Medicine

Trimester 7

Course 10.0 Total Credits
HM5511 Herbal Formula 1
CL6603L Herbal Senior Integrative Internship 3
HM4512 Materia Medica 2
HM5513 Herbal Patient Medicine
HS6532 Herbal Seminar 2

Trimester 8

Course 12.0 Total Credits
HM5512 Herbal Formula 2
CL6604L Herbal Senior Integrative Internship 4
HM4513 Materia Medica 3
HM6454 Herbal Treatment Strategy
HS6533 Herbal Seminar 3