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Kickstart a Rewarding Career in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Start Your Journey at National University of Health Sciences

Successful futures start with a solid foundation. That’s why your best choice for health care degrees in integrative medicine is National University. Whether you are just finishing high school, college, or are a working adult returning to school, National has a program for you!

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“I firmly believe that National gave me the best evidence-based education. I think National has the best anatomy education and the best clinical and diagnostic curriculum in the world.”

– Shachar Kenin, DC

“Even though there were acupuncture schools in Chicago, I chose to commute to Lombard because National had a real campus and offered an integrative medicine environment. It also had a flexible schedule and a cadaver lab, which the other schools couldn’t offer. I’m happy I made this choice.”

– Greer Nesbit, MSOM

“I’m very proud to be a National grad. National is very progressive in terms of their focus on not just dealing with structural problems—it’s looking at the total health of the patient. It prepares you to go forth and become a great diagnostician.”

– Shawn Brenton, DC

“I’ve gained many clinical pearls from the wonderful colleagues I met in National’s many degree programs. The rigorous curriculum and small student to faculty ratio also gave me the opportunity to be mentored by faculty members.”

– Samantha Hoang, DC

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Kickstart a Rewarding Career in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The demand for alternative methods of health care is on the rise due to the increase in the prevalence of chronic disease, coupled with an increased desire on the part of health-conscious Americans for alternatives to traditional Western medicine. So, there has never been a better time to invest in a graduate degree in complementary and alternative medicine!

#8 Out of Top 10 Jobs

According to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Jobs of 2019 ranking, healthcare jobs are “among the best available in the U.S.” In fact, eight of its top ten jobs are in health care fields.

4 in 10 Americans Use Complementary Medicine Treatments

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans use some form of complementary and alternative medicine treatments.

18.2% Healthcare Support Occupation Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare support occupations (18.2% job growth) and healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (11.9% job growth) are projected to be among the fastest growing occupational groups from 2018–2028.

Your Future in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Starts at NUHS

The academic programs at NUHS blend classroom and practical, hands-on lessons to give students a strong foundation in health sciences so they can be better prepared for their future careers.

Doctor of Chiropractic

National University prepares students to become first-contact, primary care physicians fully qualified to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of conditions. We believe a superior education starts with an evidence-based, broad-scope curriculum emphasizing integrative medicine.

NUHS students learning chiropractic techniques

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

National University offers a comprehensive classical curriculum in traditional naturopathic medicine while preparing you to become a first-contact, primary-care doctor. You’ll be uniquely prepared for the real world of health care today through learning in our integrative medicine environment. You’ll graduate with the skill and confidence you need to not only practice, but to succeed and excel as a naturopathic physician.

Master of Acupuncture

National University of Health Sciences offers a seven-trimester program leading to the Master of Acupuncture degree. This degree will allow the graduate to take national board exams and achieve certification in most states to practice as a licensed acupuncturist.

Bachelor of Science Biomedical Science

National University’s bachelor’s degree completion program in biomedical science offers you the top quality of a private education at an affordable price. Students experience our graduate level faculty and are provided the opportunity to continue into any of our first professional programs.

Why Study Chiropractic Medicine at National?

For more than 110 years, NUHS has been the leader in integrative teaching, training and treatment. What makes us different?


An Integrative Learning Environment

At National University, you will have the unique opportunity to study chiropractic medicine in an integrative learning environment alongside other natural health care focused professionals and put your skills into practice in an integrative clinical setting.


Primary Care Focused

We train our chiropractic medicine students to become primary care physicians who are focused on providing patient-centered care and whole health healing. You will learn a variety of treatment modalities, including performing adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, providing supplements and more.


Dual Degree Advantage

At NUHS, you will have the option to earn a second degree (ND, MSOM or MSAc) through dual enrollment. Earning two degrees simultaneously can save you months, years and several thousands of  dollars—while also expanding your career options as a chiropractic medicine practitioner and increasing your earning potential!

Experience the NUHS Difference for Yourself!

We believe in bringing together professionals from a broad range of medical specialties for the benefit of patients and the health care industry as a whole. By earning a complementary and alternative medicine degree from NUHS, you’ll be ideally suited for the growing number of integrative practice opportunities.

If you’re passionate about pursuing a future in integrative medicine, take the next step. Contact us today!

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